We're totally wired about knitting!

Our Story

I love to travel and I love to knit, and I try do both as much possible.  Sometimes my travels inspire my knitting designs (such as my Eiffel Tower Gloves and Paseo Shawl) and sometimes my knitting inspires me to travel--to knitting retreats, knitting camps, fiber festivals and foreign lands with a strong knitting heritage.  I am forever seeking to learn new techniques or to apply old techniques to new materials. I look forward to more knitting and more travel as I continue on my journey of personal growth in both knitting and life.  Please read my blog to keep up with my travels, or follow us on Facebook or Ravelry.

Want to learn how to knit with wire?  I have been knitting with wire, designing, and selling my own line of Knitter's Journey knit with wire jewelry kits since 2006.  A few years ago, I made a series of "How to Knit with Wire" videos for bead.tv.  You can watch the first video in the series here.  You can learn quite a lot from this first video. If you like it and want to learn more you will find the other videos in the series at bead.tv.